What’s Your Problem?


“If fear is cultivated it will become stronger, if faith is cultivated it will achieve mastery” – John Paul Jones

This is my first blog of the 2013. To be quite honest I have been having difficulty finding the motivation to write. I know as a motivational speaker and life coach it seems I should always have the fuel I need to convey my messages. But, this is not the case for me. I seek inspiration in daily activities to give me the foundation for my blogs. Today’s blog is dedicated to EVERYBODY.

We all have challenging days. We all have weeks, and sometimes months where it seems that nothing can go right in life. It is certain that rather you are wealthy or poor, tall or short, in good or bad health life will be difficult. There are few certainties in life, but difficult times is one of them. What separates us is how we manage these challenges. If you get knocked down do you get back up? If you lose a step do you jump forward? If you get bad news, do you focus on the solution and the positive perspective?

Nobody is perfect and nobody reacts to life’s challenges effectively every time. BUT, the strong are able to marginalize each challenge, and overcome each difficulty and do it consistency. There is no secret science or formula to be the type of person who is able to inspire themselves past each roadblock. It’s quite simple if you choose to recognize it. Rather then being a person who seeks a pity party, a person who hits themselves when down, a person who anticipates the next bad event when one or two occur be STRONGER.

It’s a bit clichĂ© but I truly believe what does not kill me only makes me stronger. I also believe in the theory that the person you are has a lot more to do with what you failed at in life then what you were successful. In other words, we must learn from each misstep and build ourselves stronger from that point.

You are the captain of your life, the steward of your destiny. You can waddle in self-pity or you can be an example of self-perseverance, self-motivation, and DRIVE forward in life always remaining positive and optimistic.

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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