What’s your New Years Resolution?


Do you have a New Year Resolution?

It’s that time of year that everyone anticipates. New Years Resolutions time. Out with the old and in with the new. The start of a new phase in life. As I follow my threads on Facebook I’m overcome with people who confidently claim they are eliminating negative friends in the year, going to get financially secure, going to get married, start a family, and of course the go to every new year is health and fitness. New Years is a exciting time because it seems like we can start anew, with a clean slate. Avid gym members such as myself are often annoyed during the New Years time of year by the influx of members slow down our routines. Technically it’s not right to feel that way as these people are giving it an effort to change their lifestyle, but who’s perfect?

I’m a big fan of health and fitness. For me its a matter of life and death. But, the point of today’s blog is not to focus on my desire to help people improve the overall quality of their lives both mentally, psychologically, and psychically. Instead today’s blog is focused on New Year’s Resolutions and the condescending nature of the entire movement.

When I’m coaching my clients on life, we always discuss immediate steps that can be taken to improve a particular situation. The longer you wait to adjust and react to a scenario the more variables that become uncontrollable and counterproductive to your effort. The same goes in all things, especially New Years Resolutions.

So, are New Years Resolutions good?

Sure, it feels great to have high expectations, set ambitious goals, and give yourself motivational tools to plan for a big change in 2013. But, if you recognize the importance and significance of your goal why would you delay it? It boils down to what you value in life.

For example, if I told you there was 20,000,000.00 waiting to be wired into your bank account, and gave you the option to request the money now or delay it until January 1, 2013. Which would you choose? The majority of people would want their money now. Not only because money is tangible and holds value to most people. But, you subconsciously realize there are no promises in life and it would not be wise to unnecessarily wait to request the transaction.

You have to approach your goals and expectations in life with the same urgency. Don’t follow the crowd and wait until January 1, 2013 to improve your life and outlooks. Start today, take action today…time will always past, excuses will always arises, distractions and detractors will always vie for your attention.

But if you are determined, focused, deliberate and consistent your goals will come to become reality. But, one thing is certain, the longer you delay, the lower the probability of you following through and completing your expectations.

We all need a compass in life to help us remain committed, and focused on our goals. Contact Best Day Yet for a free consultation and life coaching session.


Be GREAT at what you do today !


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