Wait Until I Get My Money Right…


When will your life improve?

We often use excuses so easily that it difficult for us to identify and avoid them. We use excuses for everything from something simple such as, “I would’ve called you back but got too busy”, to something far more damning such as, “I did not mean to cheat on him/her but I was drunk”, or the more simple, “I’d be happier, but I have money problems.”

Though it may be hard to believe EVERYBODY has issues in life from the wealthy to the poor, tall to the short, employed to the unemployed. We all face challenges day in and day out.

But, not everyone is able to handle each challenge equally. In order to cope we set benchmarks that we consciously don’t believe are near. I am reminded of this fact each day, when I speak to friend sand colleagues about health and fitness. I often hear reasons such as its hard, too expensive, and of course no time. Converse, I also hear complaints about their appearance and bad habits.

What I want you to realize is that all humans have one common denominator that makes us all capable of reaching the same goals. We all have ONLY 24 hours in a day. The question is do you use the majority of those hours to complain about what you think you can’t do, or don’t have?

If so, STOP now. Don’t say it will get better when you get your money right, or when you have more time, or when you get a better job, or when you get a better car, or when you get a better mate. We often know what we need to do to improve our lives but at the same time we are afraid of the unknown.

BE AFRAID, BUT STILL WALK FORWARD. One thing is for certain if you don’t work toward your goals you will obtain NOTHING…but when you make a vested effort something POSITIVE is certain to happen.

Kanye said it best, when he said, ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’ life is a blast don’t let others tell you the possibilities. And don’t wait another minute…


Be GREAT at what you do today!


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