Do you bathe daily? Why?


“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

Do you bathe daily? Most people who have a home will respond with a resounding YES. In fact, you probably read the title and said, “Why the H*** would he ask that?” The reason why I ask such a question is less literal and more philosophical. We are what we repeatedly do and our results and life are hinged on that fact. We bathe daily not because we necessarily want to, but more so because society demands it, and we demand it. Very few people enjoy not smelling good, or appearing to be dirty. Therefore, we bathe daily our of necessity to appear the way we would like to be reflected in our environment.

What else do you do daily?

We all have habits, some are concious and others are not. We wake up in the morning and most of us go through a routine. But, I ask is your routine productive to your well-being and those around you. Are you eating things that are good for your body, are you drinking things that are good for your body? Are your reading things that are productive to your mind? Are you watching things that are productive to your mind? Life demands a holistic approach to finding your success. Money alone can not calm all worries, and neither can positivity and a sound environment. Its a constant challenge to get the best out of each day in life. But, your habits daily are the pivotal variable to get your desired outcome.

What did you do to improve your life today?

When you are preparing to go to bed tonight, take a moment and look in the mirror. Ask yourself if you were writing a biography or be observed on a reality show would you be proud of what you did and did not do today. Would you feel like you progressed toward more prosperity and happiness? If not, don’t worry we all have tough days but if its a habit then its a problem.

Don’t be a Victim of Circumstances!

Just like you bathe daily, you must grow spiritually, mentally, and physically daily. If you remain stagnant you will fall victim to life’s circumstances and well all know that leads to nothing but negativity. So declare today that your habits daily will all be focused on positivity and prosperity and go make today the GREATEST day of your life.

IN SHORT: Your attitude dictates your perspective which lends to your action which equals your outcome in life.

Below you will find a great video by the GREAT Zig Ziglar who passed earlier this week and how important your attitude in life truly is in order to success a enjoyable life.

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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