Success is NOT something you can simply WISH or HOPE for!

Have You Mastered Failure? WELL STOP!

Most people have goals they plan and/or want to accomplish in life. Somewhere along the line we confused positive reinforcement, and a defeated attitude FAKING IT as a positive perspective. Recently I wrote about the “I’ll Try” vs. “I Will” attitude and these topics coincide very well.

Contrary to what you may have heard you CAN NOT fake it UNTIL YOU MAKE IT!


What do I mean?

The topic was raised in my Empower Network group. Empower Network is my online marketing and SEO tool that I use as a platform for my business.There are members in our group who have yet to generate revenue. Our leader Chris Record was frustrated with the lack of action vs. comforting excuses or as he put it “Disempowering” statements.

For Example!

Have you ever set out to reach a goal, but struggled along the way. However, since you were determined to win you attempted to give yourself motivation.

You may make statements such as, “I’m not seeing a difference yet at the gym but I’m still going every day.”

You may say, “My grades are not getting better but I’m still studying hard.”

You may also say “I did not get the promotion, but I’m going to keep working overtime until I get it”

My personal favorite, “I’m not making any money but I’m really motivated”

Chris also stated the following regarding his reasoning;

Why? Because it serves no purpose. The funny (and weird) thing is that they actually think they’re making positive statements! And they apparently don’t realize how disempowering that kind of thinking/talking actually is.

The point is, you don’t get what you want in life you get what you deserve. If you are not seeing success in anything it begins and ends with YOU. Don’t comfort yourself by issuing worthless statements to reassure your confidence you are on the right track. Take a very, very close look at your habits and your actions and act accordingly so you can change your future outcome.

You can’t fake success, and you can’t prop it up on a crutch. You have to go get it with measurable and sustainable action. Don’t be a victim of your failure by accepting it…its UNACCEPTABLE to fail. Especially when you are not leveraging all of the available tools and information available to you.

How to Master Success?

And it’s not possible to affirm a lack of results…..and then turn around and expect to make powerful decisions and actions in your business.

Don’t affirm your failures…be determined to be a SUCCESS!
The outcome is determined from within…so what’s in you? Failure or Success?

Be GREAT at what you do today!


2 thoughts on “Success is NOT something you can simply WISH or HOPE for!

  1. I was unaware of how dis-empowering I was. Actions speak louder than words, and actions definitely determine results. If it’s broke…. Fix it!


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