Where Do You Want to Be 10 Years From Now?


“What If I Told You 10 Year From Now, Your Life Would Be Exactly The Same. Doubt You’d Be Happy, So Why Are You Afraid of Change?” – Karen Salmanson

Today’s Blog is fairly simple, yet complex for so many. However, I think its is a difficult blog to truly read with 100% honesty. First of all I hope you realize that nobody is perfect. Regardless of how you view peers, celebrities, wealthy or poor people each and every one of us struggle with certain aspects of life. Everyone wishes they could change or improve some aspect of life. For some they wish they were fitter, some wish they were healthier, some wish they worked for themselves, some wish they made more money, some wish they were married, some wish they had their dream job, some wish they were parents, some even wish they were not parents, some wish they had more material things, some wish they could do more fulfilling things with their time, and some even wish they could just sit around and do nothing for a living. The only commonalities amongst  us is for some things we take action, but for other things we just simply ‘WISH’ .

I’m Afraid to Fail, How to I Overcome My Fear and Find Success?

Some are great at taking action on every goal they set before themselves…some take action on things perceived is being of imminent need (i.e. a job, a car, clothes, food, etc). Some take action, but only after cautiously preceding often out of fear of failure. But, if you are not happy with your present life but keep doing the same thing you are nothing short of INSANE.

When you ‘WISH’ its the primary ingredient of failure. The only ingredient of failure greater than to ‘WISH’ is to ‘TRY’. When you try, you are preparing for failure. When you say I’m going to “try to get in shape” , “I’m going to try to start my own business”, “I’m going to try to get a better job”, “I’m going to try to improve the quality of my life” What you are really saying is, “This is something I want, but I’m very fearful that I will not succeed, therefore I would like to soften the blow of failure by saying I’m trying as to not to believe my goal is 100% in my future and therefore not seeming like some sort of crazy dreamer”

The word ‘Try’ was invented by a very scared, and dangerous person. It’s not a word that should be in your vocabulary. The word is created to beat you down and defeat you. Don’t let words like ‘try’, ‘can’t’, or ‘wish’ ever enter your thoughts or come out of your mouth.

You are setting yourself up for repeated failure as long as you dwell in a world where you assume things are not possible, rather than assuming anything you truly work hard, and commit your mind AND actions to is obtainable.

Think about it, 200 years ago you would’ve been called crazy to think that books could be printed in mass quantities via a printing press, 200 years ago somebody would think you were crazy to think that transportation could get any better than a horse and buggy for local commute. 100 years ago you would be called crazy to say a man will walk on the moon, 100 years ago you would be called crazy to think people would travel all over the world by flying. 50 years ago you would be called crazy to say the average home would have 2 TV’s. 30 years ago you would be called crazy to say almost every home would have a personal computer. 20 years ago you would be called crazy to say that home phones would be replaced by phones that fit in our pockets. And 5 years ago you would be called crazy to say over 1 billion people would join one social networking site and revolutionize how people and companies communicate and market their product and services.
The point is everything that is, once was not. And if the people who helped create these revolutions were living in a world of “can’t”, “try”, and “wish” we would be living in an entirely different world.

Don’t Limit Yourself with Useless, and Negative Thoughts…declare today that you will change your life starting today. So when you reflect 10 years from now you will be happy with the progress, instead of dissatisfied with your lack of action.

The Choice is Yours

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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