Tiger Woods is a Winner Again?

Can Tiger Woods win at the BMW Championship?

When Tiger Woods crashed his Escalade a couple of years ago, lost his wife, was exposed for cheating on his wife, and began to lose tournaments, sometimes not placing in tournaments the analysts reacted. They reacted the way most people in the world reacted. For some reason we as a people find joy in watching the fall from grace of those once heralded. They said he would never win again, he lost his focus, and could not succeed again in the game of Golf.  Lots of people Tiger Woods to fail, they decided his personal transgressions met he was not a winner any longer.

Fast forward we are at the BMW Championship, and Tiger is competing to win again. He has won a lot lately. He is ranked 3rd in the world and primed to get his #1 spot again. The point is he silenced all of his naysayers and is a winner again.

How Did He Do it?

I have to admit, first of all I’m not personal friends with Tiger Woods so I do not know it be fact what I’m about to share. But, I’m fairly confident he did not sit in a room alone, and complain, and cry until his game improved. I’m confident that Tiger decided to dig deeper, work hard, re-examine his game and focus on becoming the best in the world again. The morale of the story is no matter how fast you seem to rise, or how quickly you fall, no matter who still believes or who loses trust in you, the future is in your hands, crying and complaining, negative thoughts and a fear to fail did not help Tiger Woods and it won’t help you.

It’s not important what happened yesterday. It’s not important who you were? what matters is who you will become…the choice is yours. You can give up and throw in the towel when life delivers you a stunning blow.

But you can also find the fire that burns hotter than your fear. Find the will to be your biggest fan and biggest supporter so you do not need those around you to reach your goals. Be consistent and be persistent, be determined and be unwilling to do anything but reach your goal. If you are relentless you WILL win, and you will be SUCCESSFUL..

Don’t quit, Tiger Woods has a chance to win at the BMW championship and you have a chance to win at whatever goal you have in life.

I believe in you, do you believe in YOU?

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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