How Powerful Is Your Tongue?

Are You Afraid to Speak Success into Your Life?

Do you know what the most important muscle is in your body? From the most basic perspective the only response that makes sense to me is my heart. But, after the hear I’d argue it has to be your tongue. What you say and how you say it determines a lot in life. If you use your tongue to speak negatively about life, and different situations life will respond in kind. But, if you are a constant voice of positivity and progression in life you will manifest the outcome you desire.

Of course simply speaking things into life is just the foundation. It allows you to use your greatest asset, your brain. By opening up your mind and eyes to the possibility of reaching your goals you are that much closer to making them your reality. But I have something important to say…


Life is hard, and the more you try to do to challenge yourself the more difficult it will become. If you simply decide you hope to reach a goal, and  you talk about it, guess what? Its very difficult to get from the conception stage to manifestation…but its possible. You see it everyday you see successful teachers, policeman, entrepreneurs, speakers, writers, artists, musicians and the list goes on…BUT…if you are not ready for a few dips and curves, falls and knock-backs you are in for a rude awakening.

Don’t become a victim of your own dreams and aspirations by not understanding the pending difficulties of reaching your goal.Don’t like the fear you will feel when something you have be striving to do is within arms reach. This is where some people retreat and never reach their goal. That fear settles in and its far greater than the desire to succeed.

How Great is Your Desire to Succeed?

Instead your desire to succeed must be far greater than fear could ever dream of being…when you reach the point where your dream and obtaining it is only more important than the ability to breath that is the point where you will have the ability to preserve and overcome any challenge that is between you and your goal.

Don’t waste TODAY, decide today your DREAM is more important than any challenge and any mountain that stands before you and don’t relax until you have reached your goal. YOUR FUTURE IS YOURS!

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