NFL Kickoff is here

Are You Excited About the NFL Kickoff Today?

There is a lot going on in my life right now. My wonderful daughter just turned 4 years old. My beloved Orioles, are tied for 1st place in the A.L. East, My mother in law has a birthday today, and Football kicks off tonight. What could be better? Its important to always find joys in daily life. If you do not, you will be lost in the darkness and smoke of negativity.

In life what ever you chose to focus upon will become your reality. Sure I could’ve started today’s blog complaining about different things in life. We all have valleys and dips, twists in turns in the journey called life. But, if I did I would have wasted energy on depleting thoughts. I’d rather think, discuss, and take action on solutions to consistently improve the quality of my life.

Are you the Problem or the Solution?

In life, you have to either do something or do nothing. Its really that simple. Talking is great, and so are thoughts but without action. WHAT’S THE POINT? In the midst of my consistent journey to build a successful coaching practice, and to live out my entrepreneurial dream I’m constantly struck by how many people claim to want to improve their lives but do NOTHING. These are the people who make phrases such as, “When it rains, it pours”, “I can’t catch a break”, “I have the worse luck”, “life sucks, sometimes”, “I keep trying , and nothing gets better” First and foremost allow me to say if you say you suck and think you suck, quite frankly YOU SUCK!

Are You Committed to Change?

But, if you decide you are committed to change, take positive action immediately and constantly seek to build upon what you have learned form successes and failure you WILL SUCCEED. There is no magic pill to improve your health and fitness, and there is also no pill to improve the quality of your life. It begins and ends with YOU!

You have to sit alone in a room for a moment and ask are you a part of the problem or the solution?

As the NFL prepares to kickoff its season, maybe its time for you to kickoff a new chapter in your life. One that is full of positive thoughts, positive actions, positive people and positive results. You control the outlook and outcome of each and every day of your life. Don’t be a victim of following the herd that feeds off of negativity. Break from the back…become a wolf pack of one and GO GET YOUR GOALS.
Below is a GREAT video about the advantages of breaking from the norm and walking out on confidence and faith regarding what you can and cannot do…or at least that’s how I interpreted it. Really its just for a good laugh before you go and be the great person you have the potential to be…

Make it a Great Day Folks.


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