Don’t Be Afraid Anymore!

“The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

How many of you have been a victim of stirring an opportunity in the face and avoiding it at all costs. You become a victim of excuses and think of several reasons not to capitalize on a chance to reach a goal. You say things in your head like “It’s too soon”, “I’m not ready” , “Not enough money”, or my favorite “Wait until (insert excuse here)” But in all actuality though we may not even admit it to ourselves we are scared. We fear the possible failure, and its greater than our desire to succeed. We immediately shut down our minds ability to think of alternatives or ways to reach our goal because we give up before it can begin.

This type of behavior is not something foreign to me. In fact, as recent as last week I was (and still am ) in a situation where I see a huge opportunity in front of me, I see the potential, I know it will take hard work, dedication, consistency and perseverance but my ability to create the reality I’ve always desired is in my face. What did I do? I retreated, I threw in the towel and I decided I was incapable of reaching the goal right now. In addition, I offered a litany of excuses all of which I felt were very good at the time as to why it was impossible for me to reach this goal.  The person on the other side who attempted to push me toward the goal as it was going to be mutually beneficial to both of us said all the right things. In fact, I became annoyed because of the fact I knew what he said was true and I was certainly succeeding at being my own worst enemy.

I listened to him attempt to push me in the right direction while in my head I was annoyed. I’m the life coach, I’m the motivational speaker, I’m the great mood guy. So why is this other person pushing me? I don’t need a push I’m “the man” right? But the fact is we all need motivation, we all need an extra push, and we all need help over the walls sometimes. But similar to a drug addict, or alcoholic, self-realization is the key. Until you hit your wall, or your basement until you refuse to continue destructive behavior it will continue to be a problem.

Consider today’s blog your 12th step, your climax, your crescendo, your finale…your excuses are in the past, your fear is no more, your worries are minimal. Your opportunity is far greater and far more impressive than any fear. Today is your day. Today is the day you cease your dream. Today is the day you create the life you desire. Today is the day you become greater than even YOU ever imagined. The first step is to remove those shackles, refuse to be mastered by fear and rejoice in the chance to make all of your dreams come true. Don’t waste another moment, take risks, learn as you go, and grab greatness by the horns and make it ALL YOU WANT IT TO BE!

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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