Do you act like a 3-year-old?

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” – Carl Gustav Jung

Have you ever set in a room alone and said to yourself, “I’m AWESOME”? If not you should try it immediately, self-love is paramount when seeking your direction in life. If you do not recognize what you have you will be at a great advantage. You will always seek out what would be greater, or better but often ignore what you should already be proud of in life.
My daughter will be 4 in a few weeks and she helped me develop my theory in today’s blog.There was a time I recall vividly earlier this summer that showed what we all are guilty of but from a 3 year old’s perspective. My daughter was sitting on the couch watch Dora the Explorer. She had a small sandwich bag of mini-cookies in her right hand and milk in her left. She was very happy with her present state of being.  However, I came into the room after my workout with a protein bar and she immediately wanted a piece. I nicely said, “Princess you have a snack, daddy needs this since he just worked out” She immediately decided she was going to teach me a lesson. She started to cry and moan saying, ” I want some of your candy”, she eventually progressed to a tantrum and threw her snack bag on the ground. All of the cookies fell out. Further upset she threw her milk onto the floor. I immediately told her that was not nice or how you react when you are not happy and told her she would have no more snacks or TV for the remainder of the evening. She was not happy with this outcome and quickly try to apologize, but it was too late her snack was gone and I was not going back on my punishment for her throwing food and drinks because she was upset.

What’s the morale of the story? As adults I’m confident that the majority of us do not throw tantrums quite like a 3-year-old. But, we do throw our own little fits when we are upset or disappointed. How often have you been upset with something that happened at work and purposely decided you were no longer going to work hard? How often have you been unhappy in a relationship and purposely sabotaged it? How often have you been disappointed in a failure on the path to a goal and decided it would be better to mope and complain rather than adjust and keep moving forward? I believe we have all been guilty of this scenario. However those who make it understand how to appreciate what you currently have and have achieved while not losing sight of their goals and expectations.

Don’t act like a 3-year-old and ignore the cookies and milk in your hand because you want something else. Appreciate them and what you currently have while still focusing on what you want and need to reach your goals in life.

One of my favorite quotes states, “Rather you think you can, or rather you think you can’t you’re RIGHT”

Think about that quote and apply it to the way you carry yourself each day and it begins with becoming your BIGGEST fan…the choice is yours.

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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