“A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” – Malcolm X

I have a very simple question for you. What do you stand for? What will you fight for? What would you die for? Most people allow themselves to let their environment dictate if they will be happy, sad, angry, joyful, helpful, understanding, demeaning, or evil. People often allow themselves to fall for the trap that a crummy day, bad person, or unfortunate situation is an excuse to reciprocate that behavior on others and more importantly themselves. Fat people often neglect the fact that obesity is unhealthy and increase chances of different diseases and instead focus on the negative way some fat people are treated. These people will put up a wall and isolate themselves from the pain others may cause by administering the pain themselves first. These people do not STAND up for themselves. Some people are in relationships where the other person is more of a parasite then a better half. They take, take, take, abuse, abuse, abuse…but the person will remain in the relationship because they will not STAND up for themselves and say enough is enough. Some people have dreams, after dream, after dream…BUT they will not STAND up for their dreams because its much easier to abide by status quo, the norm and not cause waves in their lives.

So I ask again, what do you stand for? Do you stand for your family? Do you stand for your friends? Most importantly DO YOU STAND UP FOR YOURSELF?

Make a conscious effort to be proud of who you are, proud of who you want to be, and proud of who you will be…do not let others dictate your life’s story…YOU HAVE TO STAND FOR SOMETHING OR YOU WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING!

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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