“Perseverance is not a long race, its many short races on after the other.” – Walter Elliot

There was once a time when women were not considered capable of performing the functions as a man in America. There were several laws that hindered their ability to change this perspective. Woman were told they could not vote because they did not possess the competence necessary. They were not allowed to join the workforce, and if they could it was for menial jobs, or assistant positions. They could not participate in sports because they were too fragile or simply incapable. THEY WERE TOLD THEY COLD NOT DO ANYTHING THAT A MAN COULD DO, AND CERTAINLY NOT BETTER But, now of course woman are equal in the eyes of the law. They have made it obvious that they are more than capable of reaching and aspiring to achievements equal or greater than men. Many women made sacrifices so that equal rights would be possible. Over the course of years of the legal oppression of woman many of them knew they had the potential for greatness while others fell victim to the conditions that told they were not able.

HOWEVER, today it is a fact that a woman can do anything. The purpose of this blog is to tell you that no matter what others tell you and conditions set up to make you fall you must remain steadfast and diligent in the pursuit of your goals or you will be a victim of circumstance and FAIL! Don’t allow people to tell you what you can not do. And do not allow past failures predict future successes. You are capable of accomplishments well beyond any thought in your mind. You must BELIEVE THAT FIRST, BEFORE YOU TAKE YOUR NEXT STEP. YOU ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS DO YOU BELIEVE YOUR GREATNESS WILL BE REALIZED?

Be GREAT at what you today!


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