What’s Your Favorite Brand?

 “You are what you think you are, and can be what you THINK you can be” – Unknown

What’s your favorite brand? Nike? Under Armor? Tiffany’s? Express? Banana Republic? Coach? When you think of banks what comes to mind first? Maybe Bank of America or when you think of large discount store? Maybe Wal-Mart? When you think of gas, besides cringing because of gas prices maybe its Exxon? And lastly when you think of fast food? Maybe McDonald’s? We all have brand images presented before us each and every day. Whatever it may be why do you like this brand so much? Is it the quality of the product? The reputation of the product? Do you like the service you receive? Does it just look good? Think about your favorite brand and tell me what you like most about it. Most people have a favorite brand the loyalty to this brand can be a result of several different variables. But, no matter the reason the brand has successfully convinced you that it is for YOU and represents some of what you want and are. Some brands choose to brand themselves as exclusive like Tiffany’s, or Harley Davidson or Louis Vuitton while others promote themselves as the best like Nike or Under Armor. Some brand themselves as the best deal like Wal-Mart or Kmart. Often people brand themselves as experts or professionals. The goal is always to attract more people to the product or service which = more REVENUE!

Have you ever thought about your BRAND? Who are you? What do you represent? How do you present yourself each day? Organizations spend millions each year building an image of how they want the public to perceive them. Why do they do this? The goal is for the public to like the reflection of the image and thus like the product or service and consider using it in the future. When you wake up in the morning do you pay particular attention to your appearance? Do you take time to make certain when you speak is clear and understandable? How about when you are reaching for your goals? Do you approach it flat footed with no outlook or expectation? Do you expect the worse? Do you plan for failure? When you speak do you speak as one that others would want to be like or one that people want to avoid?

Your BRAND name is the foundation of all you hope to achieve and become. When you send an email, or post a status update on Facebook or Tweet on Twitter you are sending a marketing message of your brand name. Think of it as a mini-commerical. Be careful and protect your brand the same corporations do and always remember you are what you say, and do not what you THINK? The quote “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have” is one of the best quotes I heard when I first graduated from undergrad. My first manager said this quote to me and it stuck. I no longer dressed as if I was an employee, I dressed as if I ran the place, I walked as if I ran the place, I was inquisitive and learned as much as I could because I had a GOAL? And that was to RUN the place. My brand name of being a well dressed, well poised, well spoken young man were the images I wanted to convey to managers and employees alike because that was my brand name. My brand name now still includes those principles but through reading books like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “ Think and Grow Rich”, and “The Secret” I have also learned to hone the skills involved with the laws of attraction and positive thought. That is NOW my brand, that is why I became a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur I have a brand and I want it to be reflected in all I do, all I say, and all I wear.

Do not just go through the motions each day, work on creating your brand, then work on tweaking it each and every day until you attract the things that you want in life. How people view you and what you become is up to you, it all depends on how you market YOUR BRAND!

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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