“Excuses are an enemy to the weak, and a weapon to failures and yet does not even exist to those who aspire to greatness. “ – Unknown

Today’s Blog will be short, sweet, and direct…

STOP COMPLAINING…stop giving energy to negativity and projecting a perspective that implies the world is against you. IT IS NOT. Stop giving feeling PITY for yourself to cover your failures. STOP using failures as an excuse to not reach your goals or to stop trying. STOP allowing past events, predict future outcomes. STOP waiting for others to help you…STOP WAITING PERIOD. START helping yourself. STOP wasting your precious 24 hours per day focused on thoughts, ideas, words, or actions that do not help you become GREATER. STOP making daily lists of how many things are going wrong in your life, and focus a list on all that is going right…you can start by being thankful for breathing at this exact moment.

Do not allow past circumstances, to hinder future progress. STOP quitting when things get tough; STOP looking at everyone else except yourself in the mirror for answers. STOP avoiding necessary and difficult tasks that will enable you to become all you want to be. STOP waiting for your life to change and start changing it IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT QUIT, DO NOT STAND DOWN, AND DO NOT LOSE FOCUS…Anything you want out of life is possible with adequate work, time, effort, persistence and knowledge. Don’t be your own worst enemy and quit…


Be GREAT at what you do today!


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