Are Your Goals Scary Enough?

“It’s okay if your goal scares you a little. In fact, if your goal isn’t scary and exciting at the same time, then your goals are too low.” – Unknown

Happy Friday Folks! I hope you are enjoying your day and taking advantage of the many opportunities that have, and will be presented before you today. Keep an open mind, and do not allow idle negative thoughts to control you. Use this afternoon, to re-examine your goals. Ask your self does this goal scare me? Does it seem improbable? If you answered yes to BOTH you are on the right track. Otherwise dig deep, push harder, and set some tougher goals. You have to willing to put it all out without hesitation, or regret to reach ambitious and unlikely goals. Challenge yourself…be positive at all turns, all set backs, all short falls, and all failures and you will overcome any likely defeat and not only be a WINNER, but also SUCCESSFUL at whatever you have already set as your Goals.

Don’t let the fear of success, or difficulty of desired goals frighten you into what may seem like more logical or feasible goals. Instead, use your fears as fuel to propel you to whatever you want to be and the only EXCUSE for stopping is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED…

Go Out and Be GREAT today


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