Words I Never Said !!

“It’s so loud inside my head  with words that I should’ve sad  As I drown in my regrets  I can’t take back  the words I never said” – Lupe Fiasco

Today political correctness is a way of life most people adhere too for various reasons. But, somewhere along the way this has stippled creativity, confidence, and people shooting for seemingly outrageous goals. People out of fear of how others will react chose to repress their ambitions, and hold back their dreams so they don’t have to be forced to encounter those who choose to destroy our dreams.

People are automatically assumed to be negative words such as egomaniac, egocentric, self-serving, etc. when they have very ambitious goals and they are not afraid to talk about it, claim it, see it, and feel it. These are also the same people who get the blame when other do not reach their goals.

Allow me to make it very clear. Your ability to reach goals, miss goals, almost reach goals, and fail completely rest squarely on your shoulders. NO EXCUSES. no circumstances, no set backs, no support or lack their of can cause you to fail unless you ALLOW IT. Don’t be afraid to share your dreams, don’t be afraid to boast your accomplishments (as long as you don’t put others down) AND DON’T BLAME ANY FAILURE ON OTHERS…It begins and ends with you. You control your outcomes. So don’t look for excuses but seek solutions and you will be all you want to be.

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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