Monday’s Still Suck !!


“What we focus on, we empower and enlarge. Good multiplies when focused upon. Negativity multiplies when focused upon. The choice is ours: Which do we want more of?” – JULIA CAMERON

Mondays still suck, even sunny one’s with unseasonably warm weather like today. I still  Hate Mondays… Do you hate Mondays? Are you one of those people who start to anticipate Friday on Sunday Evening? Are you one of those people who swear by the motto “ I Hate Mondays?” Have you ever had a case of the Monday’s? Its amazing how one day of the week can be the object of so much hate at the beginning of the wee. If you hate Monday’s I demand that you stop it now. Do you realize the power and influence of your thoughts? You hate Mondays because you have convinced yourself that Mondays are these terrible days of the week and Fridays are the end all be all of happiness. Those who hate Mondays waste an entire day complaining about it how horrible it is to only be MONDAY, than Tuesday they complain because they got off to such a horrible start on Monday, than Wednesday is hump day and they are impatiently awaiting Thursday to arrive, so they can begin to truly anticipate Friday night, than Friday comes and they are full of cheer and positivity. They enjoy Friday night, and Saturday, then Sunday around 5 pm they begin to realize Monday is just 7 hours away and they get sad, depressed, upset or a combination of all three again as they await Mondays arrival. Does this sound like your life?

If so STOP…Realize the true power of your thoughts and control your week’s outcome. Do you understand that when you approach your week with the negative “I Hate Mondays” point of view you are destroying a perfectly good week in exchange for 48 hours of happiness? Don’t waste time complaining about Mondays, spend time celebrating with positive phrases such as “I’m looking forward to work tomorrow, I’m going to have a productive week”, “I had a great weekend, now its time for a great week”, “(Insert your positive phrase here)” Whatever you do don’t complain about Mondays, never complain about variables you can’t control, AND variables you can control.

A positive perspective will allow you to expand your mind and find solutions to conditions you don’t like, but if you limit your mind to complaining it will stop working and stop your ability to remedy a problem. Instead of complaining about Monday’s traffic, find an alternative route, instead of complaining about waking up early, find a job or start a company so you can sleep in. But whatever you do don’t allow yourself to be controlled by negativity. Negativity is a virus that spreads quickly and is very contagious. But the good news is positivity is even more contagious. So remember DON’T HATE MONDAYS embrace them, love them, celebrate them and the rest of the week. Life will be much more enjoyable with 7 great days rather than 2 trust me its simple arithmetic.

Have a GREAT day, and be GREAT at what you do today!


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