Ewww…He sat on a public toilet!

“If ignorance is bliss, than knowledge must be the perfect euphoria we all seek.” – Unknown

Most of you heard about the recent situation where a man sat on a toilet in a local Wal-mart on April Fools Day and was glued to the seat. The immature person in most of us will find this mildly amusing assuming the man was not seriously injured. After perhaps having slight amusement we will then move on to a bit of confusion. I recall a colleague declaring to me, “who sits on public toilets without looking, and protecting the seat first?” I ask my self the same question though I do not know the full details of the situation. I do know tha the majority of people understand the potential of germs and diseases that exist in public restrooms and for that reason there are a number of different tactics people use to avoid touch the seat. Some use the hover method, while others use toilet paper around the entire seat, and lastly some use the disposable seat covers available in many public rest rooms. Some completely avoid public rest rooms with the though of the treat of catching something be far greater than the inconvenience of holding your needs until a better rest room is available. Regardless of the method you choose, most people taken a moment rather they realize it or not to dedicate to the best strategy for them as an individual as it relates to public restroom usage.

Now, of course my blog is not about proper public restroom use. I did however, want to draw a comparison of the things people will put into deep thought, while ignoring their own personal ambitions and goals. Don’t be the man who got stuck on the seat and completely not plan. But, you also don’t want to be the person who plans for little overall insignificant such as toilet seat prep but when it comes to the potential for growth and progression in their personal life being literally “out to lunch” and unconsumed with the factors that are important to get you to where you want to be. So, remember folks, think, decide, plan, implement and succeed. The concept is that simple but the actual steps are far more difficult. Of course if it were easy EVERYONE WOULD DO IT RIGHT?

Be GREAT at what you do today!


One thought on “Ewww…He sat on a public toilet!

  1. I apologize because I’m about to go on a tangent here. Why do people get so freaked out when others don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom; especially in public? I always found that funny because NO ONE washes their hands after going at home, and I’m sure some peoples’ home bathrooms are way dirtier than public ones. If you didn’t get anything on your hands, why do they need to be washed every time?! LOL.

    Anyways, I like how you spun this story around to make your point. Very creative and thoughtful.

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