That guy is crazy!

That guy is crazy. How often have you heard that about someone who intently works toward a goal in life. Perhaps its a person with dreams of becoming a professional athlete so instead of hanging out, or going on vacations they spend all of their free time in the gym,or on the field? How about that “workaholic” person who never seems to have free time for themselves? How about the person who is so consumed in their dreams that they do things that others may deem unconventional, foolish, or crazy?This is the person who may offer the service that is part of a entrepreneurial dream for free?

That person is clearly CRAZY for offering the services of their dream for free. But, I differ in opinion. Most people who have accomplished something great were deemed crazy by someone. For example, the founder of Edible Arrangements was considered crazy for thinking people would want to buy edible fruit arrangements, the founder of Groupon was thought to be crazy for thinking so many people would be interested in the discount site. Steve Jobs was thought to be crazy when the ambition to place a personal computer in every American home was a dream in the early 80’s.

Don’t worry if someone calls you CRAZY but, know you need to work harder and pusher harder if nobody has called you CRAZY yet. So go out today and find your sanity and then get rid of it and be CRAZY for yourself, and be CRAZY about your DREAMS!

I’m CRAZY, what about you?

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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