The Ultimate April Fool’s Joke

“A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.” – Unknown

Today is April Fool’s Day. It’s the official national day of pranks. Today people will implement plans that they have worked on for the past few minutes, or past hour, or past day, or past week or even a month or more. People often think for an extended period of time about the perfect way to get someone with an April Fools Prank. They plan, and plan and plan to reach one moment of elation as they watch their plan unfold and they reach their goal of a good April Fools prank. I must admit I’m one of these people who long to reach the pinnacle of April Fools infamy I dream of the perfect timeless prank that will live on for years. It’s perfectly ok to shoot for the best April fool’s joke, but make sure the ultimate prank is not played on YOU!

If you have given April Fool’s day more of your time, energy and mental resources then you have your dreams you are pranking YOURSELF. That of course is not the goal but it may be the result. Don’t FOOL yourself; reaching your goals will not be easy. The more challenging the more ambitious the more daunting the task will be. But, you are capable of reaching unthinkable goals but not simply by believing. The belief must be met with relevant action if you hope to yield results. 

So go out today, enjoy your pranks enjoy the fun but don’t lose sight of what really matters, YOUR GOALS, YOUR DREAMS AND YOUR ASPIRATIONS!

 Be GREAT at what you do today!


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