“May the best of your today’s be the worse of your tomorrows”

Whatever happened today, HAPPENED TODAY! Its one isolated event that has no more power over the outcome of your tomorrow. Leave anything that happened today that was not favorable, good, desirable or requested in March. Leave it there and do not allow it to control the outcome of YOUR NEW MONTH, NEW DAY, NEW HOUR, NEW MINUTE! You are a new person tomorrow and small, big, and medium things do not have control over the outcome of YOUR LIFE. You are exceptional, and for that reason only POSITIVE, UPLIFTING, REASSURING, PROGRESSIVE AND BENEFICIAL THOUGHTS, ACTIONS, IDEAS, WORDS, AND ACTIONS are a part of your day.

So leave TODAY where it belongs, TODAY and remember tomorrow is a clean slate a chance for you to make the next day grander, then the previous!

Be GREAT at what you do TOMORROW!


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