How Did VCU Shock the World?

“Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.” –  Napoleon Bonaparte

They said they did not belong. They said their visit would be short-lived. They even said, they would lose in the very first round. Those are statements by some college basketball analysts regarding Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Well it turns out they were sadly mistaken. VCU proved that they no only belonged in the tournament, but for the 2010-11 season they are among the top 4 Division I programs in the nation. It is no small feat to make it to the final 4. Though they were expected to lose in the play-in-game, and later the game versus USC it’s even more evident they were expected to lose versus the likes of Vanderbilt, Florida State, and certainly Kansas. But, VCU proved that will planning, execution, and a great will to win that anything is possible.

So how many goals have you set that you feel are impossible to achieve? How many people told you that you can’t do it? I often think of Adrian in Rocky who said to Rocky, “You can’t do it, You can’t win” She was wrong and so are the naysayers regarding your goals. YOU CAN DO IT. You can absolutely do anything you want. Whenever a task seems impossible, or unattainable dig deep and think of VCU or the “EYE OF THE TIGER” and remember you are a WINNER. Go out on Monday March 28th, and declare “Today I will shock the world”

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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