Ahhh…Push It, Push it real good!

Do you ever really want to work on your goal but instead you have reached a wall that prevents you to push further? Have you ever thought I really want this but I’m too tired, or I’ve earned a break? Now have you ever been in this type of scenario and decided to press forward? As a result of pressing forward did you reach a good result? Did you get closer to your goal? Did you feel better about yourself afterwards because of what you had achieved? It’s not a coincidence.

The greatest achievers do so because they ignore that voice in their head that says they can’t achieve a goal, they ignore the voice that says NO…they choose to listen to the voice that says “I presently struggle, but I will overcome.” The people who reach greatness are the one’s who step out of their comfort zone, out of their easy zone and force their mind,body, spirit or all three to keep going.

So are you going to PUSH or DO YOU NOT FEEL LIKE IT?

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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