Are You Really Focused…?

“Distractions are the lazy man’s best friend they give you the perfect excuse not to achieve, and the perfect excuse to explain why…”

How many distractions do you have in life that prevent you from FOCUS? How often do you perhaps get off of work and every intention of making strides toward your goals but fall short due to distractions, or a lack of FOCUS? How often have you ignored your lack of FOCUS as the reasoning of why you have not achieved your goals and instead placed your FOCUS on dwelling on what others are doing that may hinder your progress? or perhaps what is happening in life that may hinder your progress? Well STOP…using your lack of FOCUS as a reason why you cannot achieve your goals. You are the ruler of your DESTINY and therefore whatever you want in the world can be yours with FOCUS, PERSISTENCE, EDUCATION (I’m not referring to school education) and did I mention FOCUS? Stop thinking Luck or change play a role in your PROGRESS.

If you FOCUS, I mean really FOCUS…it will be. So take a look in the mirror and ask yourself “Am I FOCUSED?”

If the answer is NO that’s ok, NOW figure out what you can do immediately to implement your FOCUS!

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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