Wait Until Tomorrow…


“I love the person I used to be, because every mistake he made was leading to me.” – Unknown

Once Upon a time there was a man named Simon. Simon was married to Molly and had two young children a boy and a girl. Each day Simon would wake up at 4 am before the family started their day and head to his job at a local shipping company. He often worked from 5 am – 6pm. After work he would pick his daughter up from dance class, then his son from soccer practice and arrive home around 8pm. Once he got home he would kiss his wife hello, eat dinner, and normally retire to his basement to watch television until he went to sleep at 10:30 pm. At times, Simon’s wife would ask him to stay upstairs with the family, or wonder when will be the next time they will go out and be alone. Simon would brush-off such requests stating he is too tired and can’t do those things right now. He would often say, “wait until tomorrow.” Simon’s daughter would often venture downstairs to attempt to get her dad to read a book. But, Simon would pat her on the head and say “tomorrow sweetie daddy is tired.” Other times his son would ask if they can play catch in the backyard. Simon again would say “Sorry son, daddy is very tired but we can play catch tomorrow.” Tomorrow would come, and go and nothing would change. Simon’s busy schedule and unwillingness to relent his stubbornness toward his family became too much for his wife to handle and after lots of attempts and breaking his mold he gave up. Simon was so focused on his career that he did not realize he was losing his family. Until, he came home from work one day in a frantic rage. He had stopped by his daughter’s dance school and she was not there. He went to the soccer field and his son was not there. He got home, and his family was not there. However, when he went downstairs to look for signs of his family he saw a letter from his wife and a plate of dinner. The letter was on the TV. It read “Tired of waiting until tomorrow, decided to enjoy today. In order to do so, I had to leave you in yesterday. Love Molly” Molly had decided that she could not live with all her dreams and aspirations resting on the shoulders of tomorrow, she decided to make a change today. In doing so she taught Simon a valuable lesson, albeit too late.

“Do not put off until tomorrow, what you can accomplish today.”

Imagine you are Simon, and your dreams, goals, and aspirations are your family. Have you neglected your dreams today? Have you delayed them unnecessarily? If so change it IMMEDIATELY.

 Be GREAT at what you do today, and don’t delay your dreams another minute because tomorrow is not promised.


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