Go Fish!

“Don’t life’s failures slow you down, instead use them as fuel to move full steam ahead.” – Unknown

My daughter got a pack of playing cards in her grab bag from my little cousin’s birthday party on Saturday. The grab bag included a game of Go Fish. I did not think of it immediately but later when I looked at the cards I thought to myself, Go Fish what an interesting concept. The concept is interesting because it is a philosophy we should carry in life. When you think you know what’s going on in the other persons hand when playing go fish you request the card. The person will either be forced to give up the card, or if they do not have it you will be told “Go Fish” What if we applied that concept in life?

What if you were always making educated or lack their of decisions and dealing with the consequences like in the card game. In life fear is one of your worse enemies. But often in life due to fear we do not take risks even when the rewards far outweigh the possible failures. We should approach life-like the card game and when the opportunity to seize a step toward our goals is presented we make immediate action to make it reality. And if we miss our target, we very simply go fish regroup and try again.

So tomorrow don’t be afraid when life says “Go Fish” use it as an opportuntiy…not as the end of the game we call life.

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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