Are You Afraid of Commitment?

There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.” – Unknown

Men often get the bad reputation of being afraid of commitment. Woman sometimes may use phrases such as “He wants to have his cake and eat it too”, or “He wants to put the cart before the horse.” These phrases may be true for some men as they could easily apply to some woman too. Regardless of the guilty party these people normally have some sort of fear of commitment. Something about knowing they are tied to one person scares them, and causes them to take evasive steps to avoid being committed. They will often put more engery and work into maintining their “independence” then committing to the person they know deep down they want to marry. The opposite mate may plead their case by giving examples of what they are missing, boasting about all the good things they have to offer, or threaten to leave. But often the fear of commitment far outweighs the advantages of commitment to the person that fears commitment. Often it is not until they actually lose the person they feared committing to that they take any corrective action.  Often it is too late, and the other mate has moved on to a person that intends to meet the standards of commitment that was originally desired. Have any of you experienced this type of scenario?

So what’s the point of today’s blog? COMMITMENT…DUH! But not in relationships, but in pursuit of your goals. How many of you have something you want out of life such as weight loss, better job, better home, better car, going back to school, staring your own business, or to become a better friend, better husband, better wife, better parent, better brother or sister, etc? How many of you want to achieve great things? But how may of you stop right there with the want? People who fear committing to a goal are often afraid of the expectations they will set by working toward their goal.  For example people who want to lose weight know what they want, they even do research and know how to do it. The problem is their fear of failure coupled with their desire to avoid setting expectations is much more powerful than the need to lose weight. Therefore just like the man in the relationship above they create excuses such as not enough time, too much planning, too much work, too expensive, or not possible. These type of people will never reach ANY of their goals that appear to be outside of the box and not easily reachable because they fear COMMITMENT.

In order to reach success, and obtain your goals you must set expectations and normally the need be ambitious and not easily obtainable. If they were EASY we would already have them and moving on to the next one. Ultimately though we all have the POTENTIAL to reach our goals but we must COMMITT to them and fight any form of doubt that will lead to negative thoughts which will lead to a GOAL delayed.

Don’t wait until a GOAL has passed you by before you decide to take committed steps to reach it, if you do you will be no different than the person who has a lost love because they were too afraid to commit to what they really wanted and desired.

So ask yourself a QUESTION, Are you afraid of Commitment?

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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