Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Laker Fans, Miami Fans, Basketball Fans, and…people who could care less about either team tuned in last night to watch the game, why? Well its NOT because a player was going to reach an important milestone that everyone wanted to witness live. NO it’s not game 7 of the NBA finals, and NO Michael Jordan did not come out of retirement. Everyone tuned in including to watch the Heat lose. There is something fascinating to people to see others fail. I for one don’t typically subscribe to that pill, but I know lots of people do. People lose to see Lindsay Lohan in the new with the chance of going to jail, people love to see Charlie Sheen self-destruct via live online video feeds. Sure its interesting to hear some of the now trademark phrases of Charlie Sheen like ‘winning’ , ‘warlock’, and ‘tigerblood’ But the problem is we are not tuning in because we have a vested interest in Sheen’s well-being, we are not tuning in because we hope Lohan cleans herself up and has  a great revived career. NOPE we love to see people fail, we love to see people fall on their face.

The problem is we don’t see a problem with this mind state, and it is a HUGE problem. People have built entire careers from negativity, look at the reality tv stars, look at hollywood starlets it’s not a POSITIVE atmosphere that media and society tell us lead to success.You have to be outrageous, selfish, and normally out right evil to reach the epitome of revenue and media success. Well let the record show that there are lots of successful people who made it without being destructive and negative. Furthermore, they maintain it by adhering to strict principles that include avoiding negative situations and philanthropy (thought there is a huge tax break correlated with the latter)

The point of this entire blog today is to petition to you that you become an agent of change. You can only control your own actions, but rest assured you WILL be SUCCESSFUL  and you will attract more positive moments in life if you are a beacon of POSITIVITY and AVOID glorifying negativity…YOU ARE GREAT SO ACT LIKE IT!

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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