Ash Wednesday!

“As you grow older, you’ll find the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do.”  ~Zachary Scott

Today is the day that most Christians begin preparation for Easter. It’s a time set aside for reflection, growth, and sacrifice. During this season a great deal of us give up something we do or use regularly, while also sacrificing meat each Friday during the 7 week preparation until Easter Sunday.

Today should be your own personal day of SACRIFICE, GROWTH, AND REFLECTION. Make today a day you take a look at your life, and reflect on what it has become, and what you want it to be. Also make certain you look at yourself, and write down ways you have grown rather its spiritually, physically, or mentally over the past year. Now think about where you would like to be this same time next year…PROMOTED, OWN BOSS, WEALTHY, FINANCIAL SECURE,HOME OWNER, whatever it may be I need you to Visualize it…I MEAN REALLY VISUALIZE IT. Taste It, Feel It, See It. Now claim these GOALS as if they already exist.

Now its time to sacrifice, think about things you do that you may enjoy that would not hurt if you scaled back or eliminated these activities for example, extra sleep, tv, video games,lying around, going out, whatever it may be think of something you do and value. NOW THE HARD PART…

Give It Up, or Scale it back..dramatically. Don’t just stop for a day, week, or month. NO…give it up until your goal becomes a reality. Now the most important stage is to fill your newly found free time to dedicate to your dream use it consistently as if you were doing the old activity you allowed to occupy your time. Consistent, and be COMMITTED and the rest will FOLLOW.

Enjoy your Ash Wednesday, Enjoy your New Beginning, and make the BEST of your sacrifice…Only You Control the Outcome!

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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