Can You Pass the Goal Assessment Quiz?

“Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude toward us.” – John N. Mitchell

How many of you like tests? SAT, GRE, LSAT, GMAT, etc…? What about pop quizzes? Regardless of how you feel about exams they are a necessary to reach certain benchmarks and milestones in life. But how often do you quiz yourself to access your daily progress? How often do you challenge yourself to figure out if you are moving in the correct direction toward your goals? Well TODAY is your lucky today because we have a Pop Quiz. Please get a sheet of notebook paper, or get to your word processor and write each of the following questions then hang the results somewhere you see regularly be it your desk, or bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. It does not matter where you hang it, what’s important is that you will see it at least once daily and be able to reflect, and adjust based on its results. This is to be used as a tool to lead to your eventual success.

Goal Assessment Quiz

1. Name one goal you plan to achieve next week, one goal you plan to achieve next month, one goal you plan to achieve next year, one goal you plan to achieve in 5 years, and lastly one goal you plan to achieve in 10 years.

2. Write down one step you have taken toward each of the above goals, if you have not taken step yet leave blank.

3. Do you TRULY believe in your dreams in question #1, if not change your mind state today or drop the dream

4. If you dropped a dream, write it down again and pursue it even harder…REMEMBER: you only lose when you stop pushing, not when you fail to achieve.

5. Write a plan to multiply the steps taken toward your dream by at least 5 for each goal over the next 60 days.

6. How will you execute the plan

7. Share your dreams and aspirations even with “Haters” you have to do this to condition your mind to believe it has no other choice but to accept the dream and to get mind and body aligned for the common goal.

8. Assume your goals are already YOURS Please NOTE: If you do not believe in yourself who will? And why would they?

Obviously this is less of a quiz, for of a task organizer to help you reach your desired goals. Use this tool, as a foundation to reach all of your goals in life. You truly have the ability to reach GREATNESS its not just simply a saying or a phrase. Don’t let anything delay your PROGRESS…be AGGRESSIVE, be COMMITTED, and you will be SUCCESSFUL.

Today is the FIRST day, of the BEST days of your life!

Be GREAT at what you do today


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