Self Descruction, Your Headed for Self Descruction !


“There are at least two kinds of cowards.  One kind always lives with himself, afraid to face the world.  The other kind lives with the world, afraid to face himself.” Roscoe Snowden

Are you headed for self-destruction? Do you even know if you are on the pathway to self-destruction? If you are unsure you may be a victim of YOURSELF!

How often do you pity yourself? How often do you try to make yourself feel better about a situation by making a NEGATIVE joke about yourself? How often do you justify not moving steadfast toward a goal because you deserve a break? This comes to mind most often with people trying to lose weight. One thing goes bad  and they throw all of their progress out the window for one cheeseburger and a large fry. And for what, to make yourself feel better? But, the thing that will truly make you feel better is accomplishing your goal. So why are you destroying yourself?

 There are unfortunately plenty of people out there who want to see you fail, so they do not need your help…and you don’t need to support them. STOP using setbacks as a Set Up for a Step Back instead remember a Set Back, is a Set Up, for a Comeback. You must be your biggest motivator , your biggest fan, your biggest supporter and don’t let the shortcomings that are bound to occur to occupy your mind and keep you from continuing to make relevant steps toward your goals. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING YOU TRULY WANT AND PUT YOUR MIND TO…Have you ever noticed how a simple thought of negativity can ruin an entire day? How it can turn your day upside down. DON’T LET THE OUTSIDERS WIN…DON’T LET THEM PUSH YOU TO SELF DESCRUCTION!.

You are not only already GREAT, but you have the potential to be GREATER make it happen and the rest will be HISTORY!

Be GREAT at what you do Today!


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