Let’s Make History Today!

“Every moment in history, began as a single thought.” – Unknown

 Are you ready to make history? TODAY…is your lucky day because you are going to make history TODAY, not TOMORROW, not NEXT WEEK, not WHEN YOU HAVE MONEY, not WHEN YOU MEET THE RIGHT PEOPLE, no more waiting no more excuses…TODAY YOU MAKE HISTORY. Get a pad, notebook, sheet of paper, napkin, hand, or any item you can write on and do the following:

 In the perfect UNIVERSE write down what you would be doing for a living…

Now write down the name of someone doing something similar or the exact same thing…

If you know them, call them…

If you know of them, research them…

Find out what they did to get to where you want to be…

 Now write down those steps and get started IMMEDIATELY…Don’t waste your time discussing this goal with anyone who would be NEGATIVE, or NON-SUPPORTIVE  of this goal.

 Each day, read more, do more, and ask more of yourself to make certain you achieve your goal. Set a DEADLINE, and make the GOAL SHEET a living document by adjusting it accordingly as you progress toward your goal. Become so engulfed in your goal that other than family, and God it’s top of mind each morning, and each night before going to bed. Make Certain you do not allow loses or failures STOP YOU.

 BE COMMITTED, BE UNRELENTING…the goal will be yours, and history will be made today…Do you believe?

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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