I Can’t Catch a Break!

“If you are going through hell, keep going. “  – Winston Churchill

 Have you ever felt like the world was working against you? One bad event after another? Nothing is going as you would like it to go? Have you ever felt sorry for yourself? Of course, most of us have. But is yourself pity and complaining warranted? We all have bad events that happen to us…at times it even seems like life really does not want to work in our favor but I assure you that it’s often somehow directly correlated to something we have done in the past.  No, I’m not speaking about karma, today. I’m more so speaking about every decision, every step, every thought, and action has a direct consequence. Some good, some not so good and of course some bad. Of course this theory goes against certain uncontrollable circumstances such as the lost of a lost one. But, in most scenarios we are directly responsible for what happens in our lives. Stop looking for somewhere to point the finger, look in the mirror and eureka you will have the culprit of your “lack of luck” (side note: I do not believe in luck)

 The next time something “bad” happens in life, look back on past decisions and see what you could have done differently to prevent that situation. Don’t mope or have a pity party. Instead, work on solutions that will minimize or prevent the event from happening again. If you are obese, change your diet, and workout. If you underemployed equip yourself with the skills, education or both that will allow you to demand more pay, perhaps entrepreneurship should be on your list of things to do. If you are unhappy with your love life, look internally and see what you want, and need and decide what you may be able to do differently to meet that type of person, if you are unhappy with your job, find a better one. If you are unhappy with your home, take the necessary steps, which may include some of the aforementioned changes and work toward your goal. Whatever it is that you want to change or make better begins with YOU and ONLY YOU. So don’t be down, don’t be negative, and don’t give yourself a pity PARTY. Everyday should be a celebration, but you have to be willing to work on yourself internally, before you will see changes externally.

 Be GREAT at what you do today!


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