Today is a GREAT day!

“Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to.” – Unknown

This past Friday was very strange as most people whose path I crossed were delightful. They were upbeat, motivated, excited, kind, positive, and overall in a great mood thus having a GREAT day. But why today? What made this day special? Sure it was Friday, the day that most people mark as the beginning of the weekend and the best day of the week. But this was unusual the tone online, and in the office was very very positive. Perhaps my blogs were having a positive effect on the tone of the entire office and my online network and it was yielding results. Eventually that will be so, but today was not that day. Nope, people were in GREAT moods because  it was a beautiful 70 degree day in the middle of February. Now I ask if the rise of the sun, and pleasant weather can allow people to unlock their more optimistic, forward-looking and GREAT moods. Why can’t we take control of ourselves and make everyday a GREAT 70 degree day in the middle of February?

I’ll tell you why, we rather not. It’s really that simple there is no complexity to it. We normally find it easier to give of negative or indifferent energy. We find it easier to talk about how horrible our lives may be. We rather see the glass as half empty. Quite frankly that is what society as a large  would like to see as well. Nobody likes Mr. Positive, trust me I know from experience. Some find it very annoying when a person is upbeat and positive most of the time. I’ve personally annoyed people because of this reason. But my constant positive attitude is not because every single day for me is a 70 degree February Friday. NOPE. It’s because I made a conscious decision to promote positivity and to build on the law of attraction and in order to do so I had to practice what I preach. So with that said , I challenge you to make an assertive effort to make today February 22nd, 2011 a 70 degree Friday and it will be exceptionally unique for those who have bad and cold weather today. So make sure you are nice to those who cross your path today, be positive about the potential of your accomplishments in life, be forward thinking and make today the first day of 365 consecutive days of exerting positive energy, I promise more good things will come, and you will be able to open your mind and recognize the opportunities that past each day to help us reach our goals. So enjoy your day, and remember Today is a GREAT day!

Be GREAT at what you do today!


One thought on “Today is a GREAT day!

  1. This is the perfect entry for a day like today– people tend to get mean, nasty and irritable when it’s snowy and icy! Let’s all make today a 70 degree sunny day! 🙂

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