What’s Your Network?

“Your network, will predict your net worth” – Unknown

Did I say network or net worth? You got, it I said NETWORK. What is your network? Who do you surround yourself with? Are they people with similar goals or aspirations? Are they childhood friends who may be good people but are perfectly ok with mediocrity? Are they people who do not dream? Are they people who are experts on everything, but practitioners of nothing?  Are they stuck so far in the box that every goal and dream they hear is a pipe dream? WELL THESE PEOPLE ARE A PLAGUE AND SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS.  This does not mean you have to stop associating with these people, and of course you DON’ T WANT TO BURN BRIDGES! But, going to a negative friend to share your dream is as crazy as asking a perpetrator of domestic violence to be a relationship coach. It makes no sense. Not to mention, YOUR NETWORK predicts NETWORTH .

Make an effort to join online, or local clubs with like-minded people. Read books, and try to find ways to associate yourself with people who are doing what you would like to do. Don’t waste your time with people who always give advice as if they are an expert and have no credentials to support their input. For example, you hear about a great new company and you want to invest in them. Your negative friend says ” Nobody, makes money that way. You are better off just doing well at your job and hoping for a promotion. ” In addition, this person has never invested and knows of no one who has done so successfully so how are they an authority to offer advice? THEY ARE NOT. These people need to see you have a vechicle to open their eyes to the possibilities in the world. “Optimistic people, think the unthinkinable, do the undoable, and help the unhelpable, and achieve the unachievalbe…Are you Optimistic?

So be careful as you select friends, and associates. Do your research and make certain you are in the presence of those who have what you want and intend to get. If you hang around a bunch of negative, poor, and miserable people you should look in the mirror because you will be the same. But, if you put yourself in the presence of like-minded up and comers who are determined to achieve greatness in their career, life, love, and overall in life you will be able to build and feed off of each other and GREATNESS will be a by-product of your NETWORK.

So take a look at your NETWORK, and tell me where you want your NETWORTH to be , how are you going to make it happen?

Be GREAT at what you do today!



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