Perfection is the Enemy of Good?

“Perfection is the Enemy of Good.” – Meg Whitman

Are you a perfectionists? What does that really mean? Have you ever done anything perfectly? If so, what? And if so, then is the phrase nobody is perfect not accurate?

Perfection often gets in the way of realizing what is good. We do it and most scenarios in life, we do it in love relationships, we do it in business relationships, we do it in business relationships, we are always seeking perfection. But, we already know nobody is perfect? So why is that? We want to be the best? We want to WIN? We think others are PERFECT and want to be like them? Well I have news for you, I will make it final. NOBODY IS PERFECT…stop saying that you are striving for perfection.

Instead, you should be aiming to be the BEST, the best is not inherently PERFECT. I’m not suggesting you should settle for mediocrity or losing or failure. But don’ t let perfection be your measurement of success. Instead, make progression, growth, and development of skills and performance your PRIMARY GOALS.

You can and will be GREAT, but PERFECTION is a false hood we can also do better. So Be GREAT at what you do today, then be GREATER!


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