Do you hate salespeople? Do you go into a store and hate when the sales associate asks if you need any assistance? Do you hate when sales people approach you on the street? Do you hate when they call? If so, why? A great deal of people hate salespeople has they normally picture the back slapping, plaid jacket wearing used car salesman. Well did you know that you are a salesperson? Everyone is a salesperson rather they know it or not. From the maintenance person, to the executive assistant, the corporate executive. We are all sales people, not just that department of people in your company they call sales people. We are all selling our talent, our abilities, our beliefs, our convictions. The problem is most people don’t recognize the needs for sales in all aspects of life and therefore keep all sales activities in a negative light.

We all need to realize that sales are what will get you to your dream, rather its to be a teacher, a fireman, a doctor, or entrepreneur. You have to sell yourself to a school, or sell yourself to an employer or sell your self to a membership organization, or sell yourself to the bank for a loan. Whatever you do you have to sell YOURSELF. So polish yourself just as you would in a storefront. Make sure you are well aware in your goal field or industry of expertise. Be a student of your craft and focus on salesmanship.

We are all SALESPEOPLE the question is would you buy yourself? Would you buy your dream? Would you buy your goals?

If not, what are you going to do about it?

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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