Fail to Give, Fail to Live?

“The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving. ” – Albert Einstein

Today’s Blog is less about YOU, and more about OTHERS. Be honest with yourself how often do you give back rather it be money, time, words, thoughts, prayers anything. How often do you give? If your answer is hardly ever or never or periodically or often or even always this blog is for you. I will assume that means this blog is for everyone. Lots of people give back, lots of people dedicate their lives to giving back. While others choose to pursue different ambitions but to give back along the way….unfortuenly some choose to avoid giving back at all costs. I’m not writing this blog to change their minds. I’m writing this blog to make sure we all know that not only do the laws of attraction dedicate the fact that when you give, you will eventually receive back in return. But, building from giving is a cornerstone of most basic philosophies of reaching accomplishments.

Lots of people want to give back, but may think that they have to amass a great wealth to do so. They also may claim to not have enough time. If you read this blog regularly you know how I feel about excuses. The fact is giving back does not have to be “dramatic.” It does not have to be a visit to the soup kitchen, or volunteering to tutor kids or visiting a retirement home. NO giving back can be sharing encouraging words with a youth. NO giving back can be giving a book to a child. NO giving back can be giving a dollar to the person on the street. No giving back can be offering moral, spiritual, emotional or physical support to someone in need. The point is we can all give something back and it does not have to make a dent in our wallet, or a total readjustment to our schedule.

If you have great goals to reach great places be a great person and bring somebody with you. Think about how much you may have benefited in the past from someone rather minor or major influenced you personally through giving back. Make a decision to make choices that are about others from time to time. I promise it will not interfere with your dreams and goals. THE WORSE THAT WILL HAPPEN IS YOU WILL GET CLOSER TO YOUR GREATNESS!

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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