Just Because You Have An Education, Does NOT mean you are Educated!

“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance. ” – William Durant

When I ask are you educated what do you think of first? Did you think about your level of formal education? Did you think about how much you know? Did your mind just go blink? LOL…whatever happened remember this great statement, “Rather you think you are, or rather you think you are not, your right.” So are you educated? I’m  currently a MBA candidate but SO WHAT? Some people have multiple Master Degrees but SO WHAT? some people have PhD, and other great certifications like five sigma, etc…but SO WHAT? Does it mean that you are educated? Perhaps in the formal sense of the word, but it stops there. You don’t want to simply be book smart, or have a great formal education. You must expose yourself to all aspects of whatever you love, so you can be well-educated with a vast amount of knowledge pertaining to your goals. You should not rely on formal education to open the doors of opportunity for you. Take advantage of each day to gain knowledge from reading on your own, meeting people and asking questions, quietly observing others doing what you want to do, and loudly observing your mentors as well.

Success is not a direct result of a great formal education, nor is it correlated with your degree from Harvard, Yale or any other University. It’s a result of application of information, capitalization of opportunities, and use of resources. So regardless of your level of education. You can, and Will if you believe do anything you want to do. So are you Educated?

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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