What’s Your DEADLINE?

“A deadline is negative inspiration. Still, it’s better than no inspiration at all. ” – Unknown

So Do you have goals?

What are they?

What steps are you taking to make them reality?

How much planning have you done?

How much trial and error have you endured?

So you have goals, but do you have a deadline? Do you have a date that is not unreasonably far away that you PLAN to  have your goal accomplished? Notice I did not say you plan to TRY or you WANT to have your goal accomplished because those are both mind states of those who are planning for failure…not the temporary failure that we all experience as we grow toward our goals, but the finite failure that will ruin all of your dreams. So do you have a DEADLINE? If so, why not? AFRAID? Are you scared that if you set a date, you will have to live up to your true potential and the challenge may overwhelm you? If so STOP IT…stop it now. You are already capable fo greatness, you have to know it, walk with it, and believe in it. Without a deadline you are simply trying, and we all know that trying is planning for failure.

So go set your goals, and make you set a reasonable DEADLINE!

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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