The Equation for Success!

“You are only as good as your next step. ” – Unknown

Inspiration + Perspiration x Dedication/Separation = Desperation to make your DREAM A Realization!

Who loves math? I don’t personally but, I love this equation. This equation breaks down the basic internal components that will lead to you achieving any goal that you have in mind. Rather you want to a great accountant, doctor, nurse, teacher, executive, business leader, community leader, husband, wife or employee this equation applies to you. You can not reach a goal, and maintain your accomplishment without understanding and staying focused on these variables. Lets break down the equation:

INSPIRATION – First you have to be inspired to do something, it does not always have to be to reach great wealth, or to be a CEO of a major corporation, or even to be a doctor or lawyer. Your inspiration can be to be a GREAT father, or to be the best maintenance man in your entire company, or to be the best student you can be, or the best child you can be. It’s not limited to far-reaching goal (THOUGH THESE ARE GREAT, AND I LOVE THEM)But in order to reach your dreams, whatever they may be you must first be INSPIRED!

PERSPIRATION – This is the stage a lot of people lose it…its a long stage most commonly filled with loss of pit stops, short comings, FAILURES, disappointments, growing pains, loss of support, friends, and most importantly…sometimes people lose their INSPIRATION at this stage. If you do, don’t fret take a step back, find that INSPIRATION again and keep moving forward…Often people who make it past this stage often think it will be smooth sailing moving forward , but that’s not so…its still more hard work ahead. Pass this stage and you have now arrived to…

DEDICATION-You have to have dedication because even though you are perspiring you will need to keep your eyes on the prize and remain committed. I once read a great quote from a well-known CEO who said he always remained on top because he treated each day like it was his first day and he still had to prove himself. Keep that fire, that dedication that got you to this point…and now you have to deal with…

SEPARATION – Separation is a tough stage, you may be separated from fun events like going to the club or cookouts. You may miss family events or even company functions. You may miss all of your favorite tv shows, and sleeping in on Saturday mornings. Why? Because you are up late, out late, working on the steps needed to reach your goals. Those who are supportive will understand your disconnect and support it while others may be selfish and fault you for it. FORGET them…you have a dream and you realize that its imminent at this stage so stay focused. (note: separation does not mean neglecting your job, spouse, or children for the sake of your dream)

DESPERATION – This is the most important stage. In this stage you are so close to your dream you can taste it. Your hard work is starting to yield results and it is only a matter of time before you can say “Mission Accomplished” This stage is desperate because you have given almost all you have for this dream at this point, and its so close that you can imagine any other outcome. Stay focused in this stage because you can easily be right back to perspiration if you let the desperation get the best of you.

DREAM REALIZED – This of course is the most wonderful of all stages in the equation. You can cheer for yourself because your dream has been accomplished. You worked very hard to get here so celebrate with those you love. Now its time to find that next INSPIRATION and do it all over again…WELCOME TO SUCCESS!

GREAT video about how bad you really want your dreams…The Truth!

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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