Practice makes PERFECT, right?

“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. ” – Vince Lombardi

How many times have you heard practice makes perfect? Then heard almost in the same breath, NOBODY IS PERFECT. Does that mean that nobody practices? Does mean that we are all confused? Does it mean that everyone who practices, is therefore perfect? Is it possible that both statements are true?  I have a personal theory, that both statements can be true, but with the inclusion of the quote above from Vince Lombardi. But, of course who can practice perfectly? NOBODY in my opinion. Now this does not mean you should not practice. Practice makes , BETTER which therefore is still beneficial, leads to progression, which leads to BETTER SUCCESS!

How many of us, really practice though if we are not forced? How many people study their craft, study their art, study their skill, or industry after they have begun working within it? Now if you take away the people who are forced to practice (i.e. Practice for Pro-Athletes, or Sales Training for Sales Professionals, or Development training for skilled trades, etc) But, what about when we are not forced to practice, do we study? My guess is a large portion of society does not practice under their own desire. This is a grave mistake in my opinion. If you want to not only excel at a task, but remain a trailblazer, instead of a follower, practice makes better. So whatever your dream may be, especially if you are living your dream stay steadfast and focus on continuing to build and develop your skills. If you allow your knowledge to stop growing, and your skills to stop expanding you will not be able to maintain or reach your dreams. Remember the realization of your dreams, and aspirations BEGINS AND ENDS WITH YOU!

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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