Programmed for Success!

” All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination, Imagination is the workshop of your mind, capable of turning mind energy into accomplishment and wealth. ” – Napoleon Hill

Are you programmed for SUCCESS? Ask yourself that question and be honest with yourself. How familiar are you with the concepts of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill? Are you familiar with the laws of attraction? Well, this blog is not going to teach you all of the details of those theories, but rather gauge your overall programming for SUCCESS. Clinton Jiggetts International teaches a concept of Positive Mind Architecture. Are you aware that what the mind believes the eyes will eventually see? IT’S TRUE! F0r example, have you ever harped and dwelled on something negative occurrence  and kept telling yourself it would happen and then BANG…it happened just like you conceived it would, and you were obviously UPSET? But, have you also ever wanted something good to happened really badly, and you thought and thought and though about it, then FINALLY it happened? It is not by chance that things take place, but by relevant action be it negative or positive. The question is, on which will you focus? When you give up on a possibility you tell your mind to stop working and thinking and it takes a nap while things pass you by. When you expect something your mind is churning with what it already believes, and it will help you identify opportunities and ways to REACH your goals. It’s a concept that focuses on leveraging positive thoughts and concepts to conceive and produce results that you desire. But in order to truly take advantage of this tool you must first break down the current condition of your mind. So are you programmed for SUCCESS?  First, you must clear you mind.  Try to do so with the following statement:

“I am capable of achieving anything I want. Today I declare that my mind is open, my goals are set, and I will REACH all of them with consistent and relevant action.”


When you follow these steps of restructuring your mind for success and programming your eventual grasp of your goals it will surely come true. But you have to follow through, and you have to BELIEVE. So, ARE YOU PROGRAMMED FOR SUCCESS?

I’ve also included a great inspirational video today, from Will Smith…Listen to it more than once, its POWERFUL!

 Be GREAT at what you do today!


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