Its the FIRST of the Month!

“What we call the beginning is often he end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from. ” – T.S. Elliott

What is your NEW beginning? It’s the first of the month…what went well, and even better what went badly in January is now in the past. You have the next 12 months to progress and make your LIFE better. So what are you going to do to capitalize on this day? Are you going to dwell on the past, what could have been? What should have been? I hope not, the goal is for you to always be moving and progressing. Without the goal of using each accomplishment, and failure as a learning tool and stepping stone you are doomed to remain motionless toward your goals. So DECLARE today, that this will be the GREATEST day of your life. Today will be the day you make significant steps toward reaching all of your aspirations, and the day that will lay the foundation….for all that is to come in 2011.


Be GREAT at what you do today!


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