The BEST snow day EVER!

“We cannot waste time.  We can only waste ourselves.”  ~George M. Adams

Today the Northeastern United States is feeling the effects of a major snow storm. Because of the storm a lot of people will be off of work or reporting to work late. Of course, the question is what will people do with the FREE time? Sleep, Shop Online, Play Video games, or Watch TV? That is what most people may think of doing first. But, the question is will these people be the same people who will complain that they do not have enough time in the day to help them reach their goals? Will these be the same people who keep putting off taking significant steps toward their goals because they are TOO BUSY? Will these be the same people who look at people around them progressing and react with jealousy or distaste because they are reaching their respective goals. WELP!  I have news for you folks, if you are one of these people remember that every single successful person worked with a 24 hours, 7 day week, and 365 day year (366 in a leap year) to reach their goals. Time is the only aspect that is even for each and every person who reaches his or her goals. So what is your REAL excuse?

Take advantage of today, take advantage of days off, hours off, lunch breaks, coffee breaks, weekends, then create more time by minimizing tv, video game, non-vital shopping, etc. If you want something you have to be willing to sacrifice some things you enjoy at times and focus your attention on reaching your goals. Don’t let time be your enemy or your crutch make it your tool to engineer your success, how you finish depends solely on you. SO THE QUESTION IS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TODAY WITH YOUR SNOW DAY?

Be GREAT at what you do today!


2 thoughts on “The BEST snow day EVER!

  1. Well sir, I am working on my snow day. It turns out at the company I work we didn’t get the day off today. Hopefully since you work at such a gracious company you are taking full advantage of your day off to conquer the day. It is strange showing up at 10 and being the only one on your team at the office so far!

  2. Well my friend today on this snow day I am at work, surrounded by other individuals such as myself who weren’t quite as fortunate to have the day off like you. Luckily it only took a mere 2 hours to make it into the office today, it was pretty unusual to get princess parking though at 10:30am. So while I’m at work changing lives and living vicariously through lucky individuals such as you just remember, Be GREAT 🙂

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