What is the STATE of YOUR Success?


“Think highly of yourself, the world will take you at your own estimate. ”  – Unknown

Yesterday the President of the United State, Barack Obama delivered his ‘State of the Union’ address to congress and the American people. The State of the Union is a speech that the president is required to make each year by the U.S. Constitution. The purpose of the speech is to give a status report of the country, and its future ambitions. It’s similar to a company’s annual stockholders meeting. It’s a tool used to give hope and offer a gauge of progress. The purpose of today’s blog is to help you access your State of the Union   Success!

We all have goals, we all know where we want to be but how do you measure your progress? How do you know if you are close or far away? Most importantly how do you know when to readjust your goals as conditions, wants and needs change with time? I suggest you give yourself a weekly or daily State of YOUR SUCCESS! If you have always been reading my blogs then you have already written your goals down on paper and hung them somewhere easily visible. If not GO DO IT NOW.  If you don’t have your goals written down in plain sight how can you hold yourself responsible? I suggest you read over your goals each day and place a check mark to indicate if you made any progress before your goal that day. Progress does not have to be dramatic, if your goal is to own your own pharmacy, then you can place a check if you did something as simple as a google search and read potential competitors’ mission statements, or product and service offerings. You can also place a check if you simple wrote down possible names for your future business. Any steps you take toward your goal deserve to be recognized, but of course don’t settle until you reach your goal or are forced to change course.

Today I ask you to think about your current position toward your goal, and remember to access this regularly be it daily or weekly. I would not suggest monthly as that give you too much time to procrastinate and possibly hold yourself back from reaching your goals. SO GO OUT TODAY, AND THINK ABOUT YOUR STATE OF YOUR SUCCESS, and make certain you keep it front of mind each and everyday. Remember ” Success is not something that people achieve by chance or because luck was on their side. It involves hard work, effort and planning. You have to set a goal and then follow it up with relevant action” that was a quote from Aristotle. HAVE A GREAT DAY FOLKS!

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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