Angry People are DANGEROUS avoid them!

“Anger is one letter away from Danger.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

We all have met them, we all know them, we are probably related to a few, some are married to one, others may work with or for one. Worse yet, some may have learned from one…I’m speaking about ANGRY people. They are a crippling cancer to the purveyors of POSITIVITY. I love the quote from Kanye West ” Hater men, marry hatter women, and have hater kids. ”  The fact is just like positive energy is contagious and you should want to share it with others, these negative people will go to any length to spread their displeasure with their lives, thus thrusting it on everyone else. Your GOAL is to avoid these people. Don’t be mean, dont’ stoop to their level, just avoid them at all costs. Be cordial, be polite, be positive, be uplifting, but don’t let them steal your energy or spread there’s. For extreme cases, that don’t evolve close personal friends or family you must DISCONNECT completely from these people. Otherwise you will be left with the effects of their moods that may eat away subconsciously at your positive mind state. Of course these people are not lost souls.

I believe actions speak louder than words, don’t preach to them. Let your actions speak and the results of your positive attitudes, if they have open eyes they will eventually see it and since EVERYONE wants to be happy they may eventually in proper doses turn coat and stop the VICIOUS cycle of angry people who wish to pull others into the depths of their dislike for life, themselves, situations, past, future, present or combination of any and all factors. SO BE A BEACON OF HOPE, A BEACON OF POSITIVITY AND SPREAD IT AS FAR AS YOUR LIGHT WILL SHINE. Remember, we are ALL destined for GREATNESS, you must first convince yourself then share it with the WORLD!

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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