Failing is FUN, especially when you WIN!

“There are no secrets to success. Its is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Gen. Colin Powell

Who hates to lose? Better yet who hates to fail? How often has your hate or dare I say FEAR of failing has been so great that you did not even try? Which of course means that you not only accepted failure as the reality that is your goal, but overcoming the goal was so far out of your rational mind state that you GAVE UP! Why is that acceptable? You have to challenge yourself to make failing a game, a test, a starting point but certainly not an END.

Most successful sales professionals will tell you to master the art of failure. I’ve sold everything from software, to hardware, to financial services and there is one common denominator amongst all sales professions. You will hear NO a lot more often than YES, it’s a fact of life. On any given day when I used to cold call I could call 100 businesses, speak to 25 people, actually speak to the decision maker 5 times, to have 1 give me an appointment. That’s a 1% closure rate. But the fact is successful sales people love this type of challenge of overcoming failure to get that success they need. It’s the same for direct mail regarding my company. I mail anywhere between 500-1000 postcards bi-monthly to have 10 people call me back, and 5 actually be quality leads. Again FAILURE, AFTER FAILURE AFTER FAILURE…but I LOVE IT! You should too…In order to motivate each other sometimes my colleagues and I would see who could get the most NO’s in a day. It was a way for us to beat the numbers we needed to reach our goals, while creating some internal competition.

I offer these examples to help you understand that FAILURE is a necessary evil of success. IT DOES NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT, SO STOPPING HOPING FOR IT. Make Failure your friend, embrace it, love it, but work hard to DESTROY it. You will be successful just as long as you decide that FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. Go reach your dreams, and lets so who can have FUN and get the most a FAILURES THIS WEEK!

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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