New Year’s Resolutions…

“You see things and you say Why? I see things that never were and I say, Why not? ”  – George Bernard Shaw

How many have you kept?

How many have broken?

How many have you stretched?

How many have you bent?

How many have you readjusted?

How many have you forgot?

How many have you…given up on?

Most Importantly…

How many have you remained steadfast in pursuing?

The fact it is it does not matter what your question may be to the above questions, the fact is what you are doing today at this very moment to fulfill your promises you made to numero uno…aka yourself is most important. So in this single moment in life, take an immediate step in the direction toward your goal, because a goal without relevant actions is a DREAM, and a dream deferred is a dream never heard.

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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